“With its abundant resources, Myanmar is on the brink of an exciting transformation which has the potential to see it carve its own niche in the global economy, and in history” The World Economic Forum

Myanmar is well known for its natural energy resources; the hydropower potential of Myanmar’s four main rivers alone is estimated at 50,000 to 100,000 megawatts. Whilst less than 10% of this has been harnessed Myanmar faces serious power supply shortage for industrial, commercial, residential and public service needs.

Energize Myanmar is driving to build the energy architecture of Myanmar’s future with private international investment.

The Myanmar Government is determined to progressively advance the country and has enabled Energize Myanmar as one of a number of major initiatives.

Under the National Development Plan, the Government is focusing on attracting Global FDI into 3 strategically located Special Economic Zones (SEZs.)

The Government has prioritised Infrastructure Development as being of critical importance to the attraction of Indigenous growth and Foreign Direct investment. Electricity provision to the SEZs is of the greatest priority.

Energize Myanmar is investing in Power Generation for the Special Economic Zones. The company plans to fulfill the power needs of both indigenous and also Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) players. These Plants will be fuelled primarily with imported and re-gasified LNG.