Our Purpose:

“To facilitate and accelerate getting all people and all organisations in Myanmar connected to an affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity supply as quickly as possible; doing so in profitable strategic partnerships with Government, World-leading Energy Sector companies and Finance Organisations.”

Our Values:

We have openness in all our communications and we welcome constructive dialogue, input and challenge. We are always accessible to new ideas and to new ways of doing things.

We follow only the best responsible business practices. Everyone within the organisation is accountable.

We don’t do ‘lip service’. Instead we uphold good moral principles and follow them. We require ethical behaviour. Everyone in our company and everyone that we work with is required to take responsibility.
We believe that the expression “Business-is-Business” must never be mistaken to excuse any unethical or dishonest practice.

Sustainable Development
We are committed to investing in and building modern efficient Power Stations - to provide Myanmar with reliable, sustainable, low carbon energy, affordable solutions.


We take responsibility in our business for impacts on society. In addition to being energy-efficient and environmentally considerate, we are developing genuine, responsible and inclusive CSR Programmes. We take care to ensure that all our Programmes respect the long-standing social, cultural and religious values of the local communities and the people of Myanmar that we offer support to.

The key objectives of Energize Myanmar’s CSR Programmes include positively contributing to effecting sustainable health improvements.

Energize Myanmar is focused on providing facilities and infrastructure for access to clean water for domestic use – drinking, cooking and personal hygiene – as well as access to adequate hygienic sanitation facilities.

Local-based volunteers will be trained to provide follow-through health education to their communities; to embed self-regulating good practice in potable and wastewater management for better health standards.

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